20+ Years Program and Project Management Across U.S.

Information Technology, Telecommunications, Commercial Construction,

Federal Government,  Wireless, Nuclear Utility, Banking and Web Initiatives

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20+ years Project and Program Management in Telecommunications, Wireless, Information Technology,  Airline Industry, Banking, Commercial  Construction, Nuclear Industry and Web Initiatives.  Coordinated multi-functional groups through full project life cycle within a PMO environment encompassing  technical research, requirements, marketing, customer service, cost and budget estimates, scheduling, resource allocation, software development, risk assessment, budget monitoring,  technical or engineering design through full implementation of complex technological projects.

20+ years Technology Experience involving Vendor Management, Product Development, Software Development Management, Network Security, Change Management, Program Management (PMO), Process Control, Contract Stage of New Projects or New Clients, Problem-solving, Risk Identification, Contingency Planning, Advanced MSOffice Applications and Integration, SAS and Focus Programming,  Project Server 2003, Clarity-Niku ABT Workbench, SharePoint,  ASP Solutions and Development, Web Design, Development and Hosting, LAN/WAN, Wireless Technology,  Enterprise Information Management, Nortel, Avaya and IVR Technologies.  Vendor Management :  Cisco, Avaya, NACR, NICE, IEX, FundTech, FundsXpress, Genesys, Aspect, Veritas, SUN, Rockwell, Quest and others.


Bachelor of Science - Clayton College 2000 and Project Management Certification Coursework completed with I.I.L. International Institute and Project Management Institute October 30, 2007.  Approved to take the PMP Exam and active Member of PMI and Local Chapters (Member No. 187321)


Coursework:  Novell, NT, Web Design, SAS Programming, Focus Programming, SharePoint, Niku, Computer Information Management and all MsOffice Products-Advanced.


Work History

January 2010 – Present – Bob Scott, Light Power and Sign – Sr. Project Manager.  Scheduling, budget and daily communication with teams carrying out Commercial Construction, Electrical and Sign Projects covering Miami Dade and Broward County with clients, such as:  Nike, Dominos, Texas De Brazil, BB&T Banks, Gulfstream, Aventura Hospital, Bally’s, SuperCuts, Auto Zone, McDonalds, Burger King, Dennys, Regal Cinemas, Channel 7 TV, Thunderbird Swap Shop, Barnes & Noble, Expressway Toyota, Wal-Mart, Shoppes of Oriole, Monterey Condominiums, Pepsi, Etc  Reference:   Owner Bob Scott 

March 2009 – December 2009:  Hybrid Health I.T. Consultants.   We assisted in providing project management, business analyst and technical support to Medical Centers allowing them to make the right decision in selecting or implementing their EMR System and meet federal regulations.  Reference:  Gloria Dunbar, President/CEO.  Project ended due to funding being cut.

June 2008 - November 2008 - OPENSports.com -  Start-Up - Web Initiative - Sr. Project Manager.   Reference:  Mark Hennessy, CTO – 305-962-5703 

Sr. Project Manager for Software Development, Product, Marketing, QA and all groups associated for the launch of this new social sports web site with VMWare Servers located in our Atlanta Center.   Worked directly with Software Development and Marketing to incorporate vendors products/logos on the site; Reported directly to Software Development Manager during initial creation and launch of the web site; tracked bugs and fixes with the Senior C# and .Net Development Team along with all deliverables related to the launch and ongoing activities.  Developed 700-line MSProject schedule with the team incorporating Product, Marketing, Infrastructure, Engineering and QA activities related to various sports such as:  Football, Fantasy Football, March Madness, NBA, Hockey, etc.  Also assisted as an I.T. Recruiter for the organization and brought in several members of the I.T. staff but primarily Sr. Developers to support Asp.net and C# efforts.  Tools:  SharePoint, MSProject and other MSOffice products. Group layoffs due to financial reasons related to current U.S. economy

April 2008 - June 2008 Florida Power and Light - TEK Systems Program Manager 3 Mo. Contract. Reference:  Bob Collier, IBM Project Executive Office: 917-696-5230  or Email:    rjcolli@us.ibm.com

 TEK Systems Contractor - FPL Program responsible for the network upgrades encompassing nuclear and utility offices in Florida.  I assisted with the initial launch of the program, which consisted of:  Collecting and compiling site information; scheduling of weekly project meetings; reporting of weekly financial information related to the site orders; finalizing contracts with IBM and Cisco as their project teams were designated to carry out the network upgrades.  Tools:  MSProject, Clarity/ABT Workbench for Schedule and Resource/Time Tracking, MSOffice Products

Jan. 2006 -  January 2008 - BankAtlantic Headquarters - Senior Project Manager.  I.T. Analyst Recruiter Promoted to Senior Project Manager.  Reference:  Jim Trautwein, VP/CIO – 704-315-5211 or jtrautwein@aol.com

 Initially was hired to work with H.R. on the hiring process for the Information Technology Group and later was responsible for the job postings, interviews and hiring facilitation methods which brought in 20-30 WAN, LAN, DB, Technicians, and similar I.T. positions that were difficult to fill in the past.  I was promoted into a Sr. Project Management position and managed Multiple Systems, Customer Facing, Public Facing and Process Projects across varied functional departments encompassing:  Product, Telecommunications, LAN/WAN, Software Development, Business Banking, and Construction/Infrastructure for BankAtlantic with enterprise-wide top infrastructure initiative delivered $2M under the $10M budget.  The top initiative implemented Avaya Technology across Florida, which required migration from a Nortel/Genesys infrastructure to an Avaya environment and Avaya Switch.  This top initiative required Data/Voice Network Integrations, RFP and Software Implementations, Genesys Decommissioning, IVR Upgrade and Integration, NICE Recording Technology Upgrade, Integration of several company-wide platforms related to Schedules, Performance and Reporting, and 3-site Disaster Recovery Testing ($8M).  During this time and following this top initiative I assumed responsibility for the following projects:   Andera ASP Solution for Online Account Enrollment; Universal Signature Card Research and Implementation; FundsXpress Business Banking Platform Implementation; BankAtlantic Satellite University Implementation, ($758K), BankAtlantic Corporate University Research and Implementation, ($1M).  Responsible for all efforts associated with Legal, Finance, Product, Development, QA/QC, LAN/WAN, Telecommunication, Enterprise Information Management, Facilities, Security and Information Services Database Groups whether at the task level or budget level. Projects either delivered early or, under-budget.  Vendors:  Avaya, NACR, Bellsouth, Cisco, NICE, IEX, Aspect, Genesys, Metavante, Andera and FundsXpress.  Tools:  SharePoint, MSOffice Products including Project.

2005 - TracFone Wireless,  Sr. Project Manager – Research and Implementation – Facilitated the device launch of the International TracFone Product.  This project entailed the development phases along with the Product Launch, required knowledge of the wireless technologies (CDMA, TDMA, etc) in order to properly manage risks, develop quality product and deliver on time. 

2004 – 2005 - Shrader & Martinez - Project Manager – 30% Travel.  Responsibilities include commercial construction project management related to Florida Radiance MedSpas.  Coordination of bidding, proposals, contracts, schedule, permits, change orders, contractor certifications, budget, weekly meetings and travel establishing communication with On-Site Superintendents to ensure completion of Radiance Med Spas on time and budget.   Applications:  Project, Excel, Q&A, Access, Word.   (Employment ended due to Florida Job Offer)

2004 - FiServ Lending Solutions, FL – Project Manager – 75% Travel.  Responsible for 10-12 projects, which encompassed implementations and upgrades to U.S. mortgage banking platforms. This was a windows-based origination system that automated loan origination phases and processing, point-of-sale, application processing, credit approval, document tracking, automated underwriting, closing, and servicing upload. Options include Internet-based application automation, wholesale and correspondent lending capabilities, and credit scoring.  Coordinated efforts with the Software Development Team in producing custom code to deliver according to each bank’s existing architecture or newly implemented framework. .  Conducting weekly meetings with the technical team, budget, and a thorough knowledge of the business requirements for each bank was required in order to successfully implement these processes within each bank.  Applications:  Internet, Project, Access, Excel, Word, Outlook and familiarity with the banking platforms.  (Illness in family therefore took employment in the Western U.S.)

2003 - The Moore Group; 100% National Travel; Transportation Security Administration (TSA): U.S. Department of Transportation & Homeland Security. Technical Consultant for Kronos Workforce Central Time and Management software system. Project entailed 400+ airports throughout the United States for the Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Homeland Security initiative.  Teams were assigned to an airport for 30 day period and then returned home 5 days each month.  Installed, configured and implemented Kronos for the TSA Employees; Identified new business processes to streamline work flow of time reporting and time attendance for each location.  Contract completed ahead of schedule.   Applications:  Kronos Payroll Software, Excel, Word, Outlook

1999-2002 - BellSouth.Net - E-Commerce Project Manager - PMO Office.  Reference:  Greg Cooke, BellSouth.Net Engineering Manager - 770-778-1560 or 404-986-9902


Project 1 - Tier 1 GigaPop Project across S.E. United Stated upgrading the BellSouth Managed Network Facilities, BMF Upgrades.  Supervised and managed multiple teams (Business Analysts, Engineers and, Software Developers) and managed the outsourcing for the BMF Staging with Datatec, Cisco and Bellsouth.Net.  Team efforts encompassed:  Network Diagrams, Cabinet Layout, Power Distribution, State-Wide IP Spreadsheets, Extensive Hardware Pricing and Inventory Tracking, Equipment Lists, Provisioning for Staging, Order and Receipt of Network Materials, Capacity Planning, and DNS Entries to new BellSouth Managed Facility.  PM efforts were recognized by Bellsouth.Net for on-time project completion and within budget.  Applications:  ABT Workbench (Clarity) MSOffice Professional Suite with Project, Oracle, Access, Excel, Word, Outlook. Vendors:  Datatec, Cisco



Project 2 - Rockwell ACD IVR Project – Responsible for IVR Research, Upgrade and Implementation and was recognized for expediting the process and delivery of inbound PRI-T1’s via Nortel PBX, Meridian Max ACD and 24 port switched hub via BellSouth LAN to Sun Server, NT Workstations and Servers. Supervised and managed team with personnel consisting of Business Analysts, Network Engineers and Software Developers.  Recognized by BellSouth.Net for on-time completion and cost savings.  Applications: MS Office Professional Suite with Project, Access, Excel, Word, Outlook.  Vendors:  Rockwell, Quest. 


  Project 3 - Intermail – Upgrade to the Business Email Platform for over 2 million users and integration of email product offerings such as filtering, unified messaging, virus scanning and spam filtering.  This project had a multi-million dollar impact to BellSouth and was one of the highest initiatives. Responsibilities included Research through Implementation and encompassed full life cycle activities. Cross-functional teams and task coordination across multi-level organizational and cultural structures within BellSouth.Net was the standard throughout the project. 

Technical working knowledge of DS3’s with OC12, OC48 ring, 4-OC3 upgrades, Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans, Oracle Databases, and UNIX.  Knowledge of BTSI, BCT, and BellSouth.Net along with acting as primary interface for SDC, Operations, Information Services and Engineering, Capacity Planning, Infrastructure Group, Provisioning Section, Telecommunications, S.E. Data Centers and Facilities.  Coordinated and communicated project status to all levels of stakeholders; Assessed project issues, risks and mitigation strategies; Managed the analysis and development phase of object-oriented software development; Use of Rational Rose; RUP; UML Use Cases;  Worked closely with B.A.’s and Software Developers in final models describing objects, classes, relations, interactions, etc; Conducted weekly meetings with Operations, Engineering, Software Development, Product Development and Vendors; Regularly communicated with Business Sponsor;  Maintained Issue Log in Access, ITEP Status Report, Project and Excel Status Reports. 

Upon successful project completion recognized for delivering on budget, positively resolving many business obstacles and maintaining healthy communication with the customer, vendors, technical and sales personnel.  Applications:  Tools:  NIKU ABT Workbench, ITEP Status Report, MS Office Professional Suite with Project, Excel, Access, and Outlook.  Vendors:  Cisco, Sun, Software.com, EMC, Veritas, NetSource, Quest, F5, Qualex.

Training Completed with BellSouth

IIL Project Management Certificate of Completion – June 2001
Fundamentals of Project Management – BellSouth Institute 2000
ABT Workbench Suite 5 Training – August 2000
Certificate:  Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader Aug. 1999
ITEP Training - 2001
Intellectual Property Training - 2001
Participation in the Project Manager Center of Excellence – 2001
Change Control Management – 2001

1998 - 1999 - Delta Technology Business Program – Program Manager PMO Office.   Responsible for the Worldwide Business Program encompassing Suppliers, Domestic and International Leased Properties, Domestic and Int’l Utilities, Flight Operations, Bag, Mail, Sort Systems, Embedded Systems, Aircraft Technical Operations, Engine and Hangar Maintenance, Environmental Services, Flight Training Devices and other worldwide systems owned by Delta.  Supervised and worked with Business Analysts and along with Technical Delta Staff supporting the various efforts grouped by project.  Weekly meetings were conducted to keep all projects on schedule with statistics tracked by section and readiness reports published via Worldwide Web Interface to all parties involved including Top Fuel Suppliers, Domestic Regulatory Agencies, F.A.A. or Customs, I.A.T.A . and Industry-Owned Organizations. Project completed ahead of time and under budget.  Applications:  Internet, Web Interfaces, Project, Access, Excel, PowerPoint.  (Contract Completed Successfully)

1997 - 1998 - Sun Trust Project Manager - PMO Office.   Coordinated and completed SunTrust enterprise-wide network upgrades for various banking locations in Florida with 25 member team.  Supervised and worked with Business Analysts, Technicians, DBA’s, Software Developers and Network Engineers. Responsible for deliverables associated with data collection, conceptual and logical design, client-server team testing, engineering, software development, site-client preparation and site installation.  Familiarity with a variety of network architecture; Database Management Systems, Software Design, Use Case processes accurately reflecting model behavior within a system and helping the developers understand what to develop for each bank; Recognized for smooth rollouts, excellent teamwork and ability to interface with top Sun Trust Managers/Customers.  Applications:  Project, Excel, Word, Outlook.  (Contract Completed Successfully)

1996 - 1997 - Pacific Bell Wireless Division - SBA Technical Contractor.    Reported directly to their Wireless Architecture Division responsible for the local office network maintenance, upgrades and technical efforts related to LAN/WAN, Wireless Towers in establishing the wireless regions for Southern California.  Coordinated efforts for tower leases, architectural drawings, tower approvals and coordination of team implementing towers.   This position required knowledge of the various wireless technologies for wireless tower installs and approvals.  Applications:  Access, Macintosh, NT, Word, Vendor Management, Payroll System (Contract Completed Successfully)


1982 - 1997 - Southern California Edison, San Onofre Nuclear Station (San Onofre was a 3-unit nuclear station supporting electrical generation for Southern California) LAN Technician, Programmer, Engineer 3, Business Manager, Project Division Manager


Business Reference:  Mike Short - Vice President Southern California Edison/San Onofre Nuclear (949) 368-3780, shortmp@sce.com or the following for personal character references in Nuclear:   Carol Schmitt, Nuclear Operations at Carol.Schmitt@sce.com or (949)-368-4082; John Dahl, SRO - dahlja@songs.sce.com - (949) 368-4246 or Geno Echevarria, Retired – 25 years SRO - (207)-233-7315


Promoted on a yearly basis over 15+ year period initially as an Engineer 3 then Project Division Manager over 20-40 technical personnel, such as:  Analysts, Technicians, Programmers, DBA’s, Finance and Compliance Data Personnel, QA/QC Reporting Staff, etc. Promotions were with an Information Technology focus assigned to various departments as follows:  Nuclear Maintenance, Chemistry, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Compliance, Nuclear Training Division, Technical Division and Information Technology Division. 


During each new assignment I would manage a team responsible for a variety of technical functions related to that Division's technical support, process automation, improved programming, system enhancements or upgrades.  Examples would be project-related support during outages, such as a system developed using FOCUS and SAS Programming against Host Systems providing plant statistics and reports specific to each Nuclear Division's maintenance events thereby supporting improved maintenance or compliance reporting by Licensed Event Report, Notice of Violation, Inspection Notice, etc along with the result and due or delivery dates.  Another example would be the automation of contractor security badge access for use during outages with the implementation of a new CBT Training Center for the Nuclear Training Division.  


Interfaced directly with all levels of Nuclear Management, INPO and Nuclear Regulatory Commission;  Familiar with the Operation and Maintenance of a Nuclear Plant;  Nuclear Operating Equipment Systems; Maintained Highest Level of Nuclear Security Badge  Access for Protected Areas, Control Room, etc. 


Knowledge Required and Applications:  Novell Network Architecture, LAN, WAN, MSOffice Applications, DBase, SAS, Focus; Nuclear Host-Based Systems; INPO and NRC Reporting; Plant Operations, Training, Plant Testing and Maintenance Reporting for Outages, etc. 


Deregulation Layoffs occurred cutting the plant personnel back from 17,000 to 2,500 over a 5 year period, therefore employment ended in 1997




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